Restaurant Cost Containment

Restaurant Cost Containment & Rebate

Potential Value:  This can lower your purchasing costs by an average of 8-10%, make it easier and less time consuming and give you data that you never had before. It will even work with most 

Ease of Implementing: several hours will be required to set this up, but once done, it is going to make life much easier.

Cost of Implementing: Depends on some factors, but probably well under $1,000

DiningEdge Technology believes that as consumers we don’t buy anything without knowing the price first. We like to compare prices, quality, and service whenever possible. For example, the airline and car rental industries allow for online price comparisons, giving us the upper hand in a competitive market. Why not in the food and beverage industry? Why don’t food service professionals have a tool to ensure they are sourcing quality products at the best price…every time? DET is the only internet-based software that allows buyers in our industry the opportunity to easily compare and save with the use of any web-based device with the click of a button, no data entry from you.

With one click of a button you will compare all your Purveyors prices, using “Apples to Apples” technology and therefore showing the best price item at that time, no data entry or work required by you. DET does this all for you, updating your Purveyors prices every 10 minutes. Press Submit and all your Purveyors receive your orders instantaneously. You will keep all of the same vendors and DET allows any purchasing agent to manage their ordering from anywhere in the world. This system is so precise that it breaks down each product to the lowest unit of measure and offers you complete Inventory control, Menu Costing and Analysis for your location.

You can choose from, including: propriety items, quality first & lowest price.
They will get you direct Manufacturer Rebates with transparency, showing each item and what the rebate amount is while still keeping the rebates you get from your purveyors.

They also offer you our MDA program, purchasing mainly from one Purveyor which allows you to take advantage of our Partner program with over 14 billion dollars of purchases, therefore saving you up to 15% on the exact same items you are buying now.

In summery, DiningEdge Technology will save your Chef loads of time and it will save your restaurant tons of money!!

And just so you know they are confident, they offer you this guaranty. If you don’t save at least twice what you pay for this service, you will use it for FREE!!!

This service is provided through Agora Advantage –

This service is provided through Agora Advantage –