On Site Robotic and Articifial Intelligent Security

On-Site Robotic & Artificial Intelligent Security

Potential Value:  If you are spending money on security, this can reduce your costs significantly and dramatically improve you results.

Ease of Implementing: These systems are normally specifically tailored for your circumstances, but a couple hours of time and a week to 2 weeks to fully implement. 

Cost of Implementing: These are leased systems, but the costs are significantly less than live on-site security and are far more effective.

Today, AI & Robotics are creating a lot of enhancements and cost reduction. I am currently working with two companies who are excellent examples of how it's done.

The SCOT™: Security Control and Observation Tower is a standalone remote, portable, self-sufficient security observation tower designed to expand an organization’s security reach instantly. RAD’s unique Power System allows SCOT™ to be quickly placed virtually anywhere for short- or long-term deployments with zero investment/planning in any supporting infrastructure.

SCOT™  is a self-sufficient intelligence observation tower designed to expand an organization’s security reach. Each tower is equipped with the latest artificial intelligence technologies:

  • Human detection analytics – SuspectSpotter
  • License plate recognition – LicenseSpoter
  • Standalone power – RAD Power Systems
  • MAC Tracker™ capabilities – through BOLO Technologies
  • Long-range paging
  • Close-range intercom
  • Customizable wraparound LED panels
  • Long-range visibility
  • Cellular connectivity and WiFi capabilities
  • Credential validation and access control (optional)
  • 24/7 equipment monitoring from RAD through the Robot Monitoring Center
  • Up to 180 hours continuous operation
  • Security/Help/Panic button
  • Large Tablet featuring security and concierge services PLUS video conferencing with the SOC or guards in the field
  • Over-the-air software updates
  • Audio integration – Built-in VOIP communications

Watchman Patrol, Robotic Surveillance.


Deploying a robot in a remote location provides security where otherwise none would be reasonable to implement.

Operator Features

Constant heartbeat available through web (location, status)

  • Human detection alleviates need to monitor cameras
  • Projection through audio paging and two-way intercom
  • Anything else you think

Software Features

  • Azure Cloud
  • Fully compatible with Milestone, Genetec, Lenel, etc.
  • Custom ring of LEDs
  • Mobile device friendly
  • Open platform for special sensor integrations

Special Features

  • Secure communications (same system that California Highway Patrol uses)
  • Robot vitals are monitored 24/7 by RAD
  • RAD personnel within 100 miles and 4 hour response of every RAD robot


Critical infrastructure

Driven by sustainability and security compliance, critical infrastructure sites deploy RAD solutions to lower risk, boost productivity and ensure safety.

Corporate and Healthcare Campuses

Some of today’s most recognized global organizations rely on RAD to improve efficiency and drive ROI across the enterprise.


Higher education campuses leverage RAD robots to increase the efficiency of patrols, enhance organizational safety and realize long-term cost reductions.


  • Approximately 12 hours of patrol/operations time
  • 20GB of data per month
  • Use of/access to robot status/visualization software
  • Software upgrades as they become available
  • Level II and above maintenance and service
  • Other features as will be available on the production robots
  • Human detection analytic on six fixed cameras with up to 250’ radius detection range
  • Will be upgraded to vehicle detection before end of 2017
  • May be upgraded for license capture by end of 2017
  • May be upgraded for Security Guard identification by end of 2017


  • Autonomous unmanned ground vehicle
  • Fully autonomous patrolling
  • 12 hours without recharging
  • Automatic obstacle avoidance sensors
  • Panoramic video surveillance system
  • Auto Tracking PTZ Camera
  • Built-in 7-channel DVR
  • Optional Extra Autonomy with Solar Panels
  • Two-way audio, panic button
  • 100% ONVIF standards support
  • Overcomes obstacles like Curbs, Pipes and Barriers up to 7 inches
  • Cloud solutions by AZURE
  • Open platform for special equipment, sensors integration and software development
  • Any weather condition: Rain, snow, gusty wind, temperature from -7º F to 110º F

These services are provided through Agora Advantage – https://amazing.agoraadvantage.com/