Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Expense Reduction

Potential Value:  Minimum of $10 Million in accounts payable is advised. around $135,000 return. 

Ease of Implementing: This program will take a few hours to impliment, but will save time every day, afterwards.

Cost of Implementing: There are no upfront fees. Fees are charged as a percentage of returns, so if there’s no return, there are no fees.

Many organizations pay their vendors with paper checks or ACH transfers. Checks are inefficient, costly and not secure. 70% or more of vendor payments are still processed via check. ACH payments cost less and are more secure, but limited in data exchange. Neither of these payment methods generate revenue.
Our ‘Virtual Payment Technology’ is significantly more efficient and faster than checks & ACH and it generates substantial revenue, just from paying your vendors.
 Our system works with your existing accounting system, at no additional cost, is highly secure, save time and money, and pays you for each transaction. You have to pay your suppliers anyway, why not generate revenue doing so. Typically, for every $10 Million in virtual payments, can add up to $135,000 in additional revenue to your bottom line.