Proximity Marketing

Proximity Marketing

Potential Value:  This is awesome technology and for the right business it is an excellent fit. 

Ease of Implementing: 30 minutes…

Cost of Implementing:  Stop buying Starbucks ( No offense to Starbucks – lovely coffee) an you’ve paid for this. 

Asirvia is a pocket-sized business magnet that can have a serious impact on 
 your business…no matter what YOUR business is! Try one today! No 
 contracts! Cancel anytime!
 Imagine if you were able to generate exposures for any business as soon as you 
 stepped outside your home. Trips to the supermarket, cinema, football 
 stadiums, etc., become opportunities for you to advertise your business. 
This would be a whole new and easier way to generate exposures to your 
business wherever you GO!  It’s like having a digital billboard in your pocket!
A lady, using this new proximity marketing technology, visited Disney Land with 
 her family for 2 days and it produced 720 new exposures for her business. Guess what, 
 she did nothing but enjoy herself like she normally would, and the GO did 
 the rest. 
We highly encourage you to check this out. The majority of business owners and marketers 
out there still don’t even know this technology exists. Forget classified ads and expensive 
marketing campaigns… this is the future and you can tap into this revolutionary niche right now!

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