Give Your Business the  
"Unfair Advantage"
There Are Only Two Ways to Increase Revenues
 Increasing Sales:  Adding new Customers, getting them to buy more or spend more for it, or getting them back more often. New technology is offering a lot of inexpensive ways to do more than ever.
 Reducing Expenses: Typical methods of expense reduction/cost remediation, explored by most analysts, require a lot of upfront investment of time, money and resources.
I focus on simple ways that take minutes to employ, cost nothing up front, and get amazing results. If I don’t save you money, you don’t pay.
I represent the most highly rated, uncommon innovations, that will give your business the edge in a competitive playing field. 
 Here is what some people are saying about a few of my headline services.
Review - Stryde-GMG

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Small Business Owners "GMG"

Dale Montgomery
March 5, 2018
Facebook Review - Stryde-GMG

In a time when businesses are spending more assets and time to compete, GMG is a welcomed source of savings, that allows businesses to retain as much capital as possible and also receive significant tax incentives they never thought they were qualified to receive. Offering their expertise to your clients or seeing potential clients as a representative of GMG puts you in a win win situation!

Joseph Malone
December 26, 2016
Facebook Review - Sotellus

So Tell Us makes get reviews way easier than anything I have ever tried. Especially video reviews! Gets posted immediately at the time we record. That way people will actually give you a review instead of hoping that they will go login somewhere and maybe give you a review.

Damon O'Donnell
March 10, 2018
Google Review - Pegasus Online Marketing

Pegasus Online Marketing has helped me to increase my business traffic by more than 35%. I had been thinking of creating a website for some time, but it felt like it would take a lot of time and effort, and being a sole proprietor, I kept putting it off. Pegasus Online Marketing helped me with the website design and I was able to give him the information I wanted with his ideas and direction. He made it much easier than I had imagined. Now withPegasus Online Marketing’s help with driving traffic to my website, keeping current blogs, and watching trends, I am continuing to get new clients every week. I highly recommend Franklin and Pegasus Online Marketing to any business needing website services. Just be prepared to increase your business!

Barbara C.
Google Review - Agora Advantage

A Paradigm Shift is a profound change in thinking from a past accepted norm to a new way of doing something/anything. Agora Advantage is a profound change in the way business services are delivered to business owners in a "One Stop Shop" platform that reduces both the amount of time it takes for the business owner to find what they want/need in our vast marketplace of products and services and more efficiently through the savings effected by the enormous purchasing power gained from the power of numbers in getting more for less. If you run a business and haven't met Agora Advantage, you need to meet them today.

Steve Rose
March, 2018
Facebook Review - Stryde/GMG

Excellent Company!

Wiley Carter
June 4, 2018
Google Review - Proximity Marketing - Asirvia

Our restaurant is in a busy plaza with a large parking lot. The GO from Asirvia lets me advertise to everyone coming and going all day long.

Hillary I
Restaurant Owner
Google Review - Pegasus Online Marketing

Pegasus redesigned and updated our website. It was wonderful working with Franklin Spicer to update our website and online exposure. He is knowledgeable and followed through with all and more to give us better presence online. Franklin really listened to what we said about our company. Great!

Susan Geffert
Google Review - Agora Advantage

I would like to say, "Thank you", to Agora Advantage (Vince & Jeremy) 😉 for the incredible opportunity and confidence to grow with this company. If you are a small business owner or are looking for a cutting-edge advancement into today's market, please look into this! You will not be disappointed!!!!

Daneilla Bullock
March, 2018
Facebook Review - Stryde-GMG

I am an advisor for GMG and have found them to be a great company and do what they say. They have a great support team and management tools that surpass anything I have seen before.

Larry Holt
September 12, 2016
Facebook Review - Stryde-GMG

Great company, a lot of good ways to help companies save money.

Danny Patterson
February 24, 2017
Yelp Review - Proximity Marketing - Asirvia

I've tried a few real estate apps but the problem is none of my clients use them. The GO from Asirvia lets me broadcast my listing and anyone walking by with and Android phone can view it!

Stephen S
Google Review - Agora Advantage

What a brilliant business concept! Here a business can find all the resources for their marketing/business needs in one place...with prime name-brand companies at a Fraction of the cost. Every business should be checking this out instead paying full-price for the exact same service. Not only is this great for every business, but it's great for salespeople & marketing people who want to add to their platform of offerings for B2B. Your clients will love you for being THE Go-To person for their business needs!

Jean Mayland
March, 2018
Facebook Review - Stryde-GMG

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Small Business Owners "GMG"

Dale Montgomery
March 5, 2018